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We have availability from 26th August to 2 nd September (departure day)  & 16th September to the 23rd(departure day)  due to unforeseen client circumstances . If these dates work for you please feel free to get in touch!

We have 2 booking seasons -Off peak and Peak.
Peak season 2023 is 03/6 to 1/9/2023
Prices per night are 98.00 Euros for Peak season
and 86.25 Euros for Off peak

Please note we have a minimum 4 night  stay and are already receiving bookings for 2024. Please contact us for availability  but it's always worth contacting us to see if we have any last minute cancellations.
Telephone us on:+39 3349138503 or +44 (0)7742931464


“We fell in love with Abruzzo on our first visit. We believe you will too! 
Make yourselves at home- we  understand the need to get away from things and just relax and we will do whatever we can to ensure you get to do just that!"
Pete and Julie Thorpe
Pete and Jools Thorpe
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