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  • Jools Thorpe

Autumn has arrived...

Well our hot hot hot summer has ended and Autumn has arrived and we are now thinking about the Olive harvest. We normally pick the olives in early November when it isn't unusual to have daytime temperatures of around 20 degrees or bit higher.

The day normally commences around 8:30am with a pause at mid day for a picnic lunch in the olive grove under blue skies. The local falcons, which nest in the trees next to our land often hover overhead, floating on the thermals. It is so relaxing lying back on the grass and just watching them...

The sun starts to dip behind the mountain at around 4:30 and the temperature drops quickly.


it's time to reward ourselves with a hot shower and a fab mug of delicious hot chocolate. If you haven't tried it you'll have to come and visit. It really is very different to what is drunk in the UK!

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