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The hot weather has arrived after bit of a dodgy start! This hasn't deterred our guests who continue to visit us, several for the 2nd, 3rd and even 5th time! Abruzzo does have a habit of stealing your heart. Perhaps its the variety of scenery- rolling hills, mountains and sea- or the food and wine; I believe that the Abruzzesi folk have a part to play too. You are guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome here in Limiti amongst other places. Several of our guests have enjoyed going down to the local village shop-Emporio De Vitis for a cappuccino and cornetto ( the croissant kind not the gelato!) or a cheeky beer in the evening; They have all commented on the friendliness of the local people there. So if

you want to see this for yourself-we have some last minute availability for the last week in August and another in mid September. Why not think about an Autumn or Winter break if that works better for you? We are already receiving bookings for next summer with 10 weeks already requested. Which ever season works for you why not get in touch and see if we can help you find that relaxing break you have earned!

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