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Ready, Steady...

I'm not really one for routine. I like that sense of anticipation about what might be awaiting us. As the bookings come in I really look forward to meeting guests for the first time or, as is often the case now at Casa dell Zia, catching up with folk on their second or third or in one case 6th visit! That said this period of the year does require a sort of routine. There's always someting to be done. Its the time for tidying up the garden and poolside and generally ensuring Casa della Zia is of the standard our guests want and love. One of Pete's jobs this year is to check the chimney of the log burner in the living room. Have you got visions of a Dick Van Dyke sweep out of Mary Poppins but without the fake cockney accent? Pete assures me it'll be nothing like that- What a shame- I'd got my Mary Poppins outfit all ready to go!! The season this year will be a bit shorter as we have blocked out some weeks as unavailable to allow us to prepare for and attend a family wedding. That has definitely added to the sense of variety. Ive often thought that Casa della Zia would be a great place to Honeymoon. We had a young Dutch couple do just that this year for part of their Honeymoon tour of Italy. They loved it. So if you are getting ready for your wedding why not consider Casa della Zia for your honeymoon or if you are just wanting a tranquil break away from the busy ness of life for a while then contactus for availability.

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