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Great News for British Holidaymakers amidst Brexit chaos

Great news in the midst of Brexit chaos! (7 March 2019) UK government confirmed details of measures that will ensure flights will continue if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.his follows the publication of technical notices in October 2018 which clearly stated that the UK would adopt a pragmatic approach securing flights. This announcement comes as the EU is also about to finalise its no deal aviation regulation that will protect UK airlines flying into Europe. Both these proposals will ensure continued aviation connectivity in any scenario. Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg said: Measures put forward by the UK and the EU will ensure that flights can continue in any scenario; deal or no deal. This is good news, not only for the industry but most importantly it reaffirms the fact that passengers can book flights with confidence, as normal. We expect these contingency measures will never be needed and our efforts remain focused on securing a deal from the EU.

We still have some limited availability in June July and August. So if you fancy a trip to Italy please feel free to contact us.

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