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Andiamo Avanti! On we go!

Well it's been a while hasn't it? I'm thankful to say that life is returning to a greater degree of normality again here in bel'Abruzzo. There is a saying "I Abruzzesi- Forte e Gentile" - "The Abruzzesi people- strong and kind". That has certainly been borne out during this Covid pandemic. One of the phrases I have heard a lot during this last couple of years is "Andiamo avanti!"- "On we go!" I'm pleased to say that's certainly the case here at Casa della Zia with guests old and new arriving once again to enjoy the peace and recuperation the area brings. We already have bookings for next year! We are very thankful that our guests have chosen us (some for the 3rd time!) and we want to make sure they have the kind of holiday which enables them to go back to day to day life saying "Andiamo avanti!"

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